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“…When we purchased Callback we had just secured appropriations for a software that was close to $40k with a reoccurring annual fee. Callback is $1.89 per person per month and there is no startup fee. We were skeptical about the price but we gave it a try. It has been the best software we have purchased in my tenure. It saves us a lot of time. Previously we had one person that did little more than staffing….”

Shift scheduling made easy…


Save manager time and ensure fairness and equability with your overtime / extra work shift distribution.

Sure, there are other scheduling systems out there; and even some that offer semi-automated notifications for employee scheduling. However, no other systems offer the complex rules based system and configuration of the CallBack Staffing system for such an affordable price.If you’ve made it this far, you’ve surely researched or heard of other automated scheduling systems – most of which are stuck using 1995 technology and still charging outrages prices.

The CallBack Staffing system’s flagship “CallBack” feature enables custom rotating ‘lists’ to ensure your employees are treated fair and equitable per labor or employee contracts, while utilizing the latest in telecommunications technology to reduce manager time and headaches. Employees establish their preferred notification preference for open shifts; either text (SMS) Message, Alpha-Page, Phone Calls or mobile App ‘push notifications’.

Eliminate the tedious task of scheduling and notifying employees of open work shifts. Determine tie-breaker rules, place employees in multiple rotating lists, and more. The rules and configurations are endless.



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