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“…When we purchased Callback we had just secured appropriations for a software that was close to $40k with a reoccurring annual fee. Callback is $1.89 per person per month and there is no startup fee. We were skeptical about the price but we gave it a try. It has been the best software we have purchased in my tenure. It saves us a lot of time. Previously we had one person that did little more than staffing….”

Employee Scheduling & Workforce Management systems


Whether your Organization is strictly volunteer, part-time or full-time staff; scheduling and resource management is made simple with just a few clicks of a button. No other system out there provides a customized solution for your agencies specific, and possibly, daunting – scheduling needs. Designed from the ground up as a powerful, flexible and easy to use employee resource management solution, such daily headaches as complex scheduling rotations can be quickly added to the system.

Built into the system is a slew of features including: shift trades, vacation planning, leave management, overtime tracking, overtime ‘Callback’ shift automation and more. CallBack Staffings online scheduling and resource management systems are available online, all the time. Throw away those outdated spreadsheets and paper based scheduling system and introduce CallBack Staffing to your Organization today.


 Over 160 Organizations & 17,000 employees rely on CallBack Staffing every day…find a system near you – click here